Estate Sale Software

 PROSALE offers a comprehensive Estate Sale Management Software for the estate sales industry. The core functionality offers a simple solution for setup, inventory management, sales management, and sale wrap up. we help organize and automate the intricate details so you don’t have to. Our simple workflows allow you to focus on what is important, the Customer! Give your clients and your customers a better experience by giving them what they need to feel confident in you!  

Features and Benefits

Point of Sale (POS) - We have created the best in class point of sale system with integrated payment processing so you can seamlessly take payment of cash, check, and credit card all in one place. Manage your sale with all of the power to discount and negotiate at your fingertips. Automated discounting will handle the standard tiered discounts for you. The line item and total ticket discounts give you power over the negotiation. 

PROSALE's point of sale offers ticket recall, multi tiered discounting, and receipts the way you want them. Simply print or email every receipt. This custom built POPS offers several ways to sell products in one place by Merging multiple estate sales into one with a management system that accomodates all of the specific needs of the estate sale industry. 

Inventory Management - Managing inventory at an estate sale is a HUGE task. PROSALE can help. You can simplify the process with our systems and tools. With little additional effort upfront you will work smarter, stay more organized, and ultimately, save time throughout the sale. For example, you can easily identify and lookup your inventory with two simple methods. 

  1. Scan the barcode: scan the barcode that is associated to your inventory item. 
  2. Text search: you can enter any word describing the item and you will find all of the inventory that comes close to matching your search. 

Deliver better results for your clients and simplify your bookkeeping with professional reporting that compliments the quality work that your business already delivers today. Your Clients will love the documented results of their sale. Better yet, they will love you for giving them an experience your competitors cannot. 

Setup Automation - PROSALE will walk you through the simple inventory and listing process. Simply enter the price, snap a picture, and print your pricing label with our setup automation tools. Additionally, don't ever forget to communicate setup and sale hours to your client again. The email templates with push automation will send the communication for you. 

Suggestive Pricing - Have you ever wondered what something should be listed for? Have you ever wondered what value an item would bring? PROSALE helps with that. You can use our suggestive pricing tool to reference when you setup your next sale. 

Discount Automation - With PROSALE's simple set it and forget it approach towards the incremental discount model, you can setup your standard discounts for various types of sales and simply apply that model during setup. No more fumbling with the calculator at checkout. Our Point of Sale will calculate discounts for you. Talk about a line buster!!!

Sale Analytics - PROSALE tracks and reports all of your business analytics in a way that is easy to interpret to help you better manage your business. You will soon know what categories, zip codes, and neighborhoods drive the best profit margins for your business. You will have data analytics to report donations, sold items, and more. Your clients will instantly have more confidence in your business. 

Reporting - Save hours of daily reconciliations with detailed reports just the way you want them. Deliver professional detailed reports to your clients showing all the items sold, revenue dollars, tax collected, and much more. You can share all the sale data down to the penny when it comes time to deliver payouts and splits. Keep it simple and professional with PROSALE!

Loss Prevention - Gone are the days of label swapping. Get a hold of shrinkage with PROSALE. We display the image of each item as you ring it up to verify the accuracy of each item at checkout. Stop price swappers in their tracks.

Multi-Location Management -  Setup, manage, and run one or many estate sale events all at one time. Our dashboard will give you the visibility and oversight you need to know what is going on at all of them. You can monitor performance for multiple sales at one time from a single location. You will know how each sale is doing in real-time.

No outsourced development means our resident development team is adding great new features every day to ensure you always have the best solution in the industry. Don't wait another sale to get started with PROSALE! 

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